Customer Service Representatives – A Great Profession for Those With Good Human Resources Skills

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent executive branch organization of the federal government responsible solely for delivering postal service to the various states and its territories. It also serves customers with mail shipping services, such as postage, address verification, and packing and addressing needs. The USPS sets postage standards and establishes quality control programs for addressing requirements, which are subject to change on a frequent basis as per government policy.

The USPS performs many functions that support the overall operations of the postal service. It is responsible for the setting of standards for addressing, preparation of postage standards and packaging, collection and disposition of mail, and international mailing. USPS offices and facilities are located all over the US. It operates through regional carrier systems and commercial post offices at the local level.

If you want to be a US postal service employee, you need a uniform federal employee id card and a valid employee primary email address. You must complete an application called “OCR-1” that contains your social security number, name, address, work location, personal hobbies and preferences, preferred employer, pay grade, and a list of job duties. You also need a ten-day exam, called “OCR-2”, which tests your knowledge of postal service policies and terminology. After passing the two exams, you will be assigned a USPS social media phone number and assigned to a temporary or permanent mail handling office.

The first step is to apply for a federal mail handling position. The exact procedure varies from field to field, but in most instances, a completed application and a completed resume are required. The US Postal Service website has a comprehensive application process, FAQs, and job announcement samples. You can also visit their career site to download free templates for a resume, cover letter and application. The internet is a good resource for finding a federal mail handling position.

Another great source for jobs is the union. Local unions often have databases of available positions and can help you locate a good customer service representative job. However, some labor statistics websites may not contain data on all unionized workplaces, so it is always a good idea to take some time to research your local area before applying to various agencies. Customer service representative jobs can be found in all areas of USPS, although the vast majority of employees work in the Washington DC and New York area.

There are many national customer service positions that may be available. Some national field staffing positions are available through the USPS’s website, while others may be part of a larger recruiting campaign that is coordinated by a large trucking company, freight brokerage company, or shipping line. To find a national position, you will likely need to contact the regional or state labor relations office. To find a local position, contact the district office.